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While technology slowly dominates human life, the individual still can make decisions in order for the stability of the state of mind. To set in focus the proportions of emotional and intellectual intelligence can be a protective move. Because often one of them can stand in the way of the other if they are not in the right balance.

The development of my autonomous personality was paralyzed by the expectations of my surroundings. For this reason, I have created an apparent character in my childhood for self-defense. Living and expressing my true emotions hardly unfolded, but my misleading and exploitative thinking intensified further against my real spiritual self.

At one point I first had to admit that I was lost, for the sake of finally finding myself. Consequently, this realisation led to a better way of living my life. Before I had rather been avoiding conflicts for convenience, but nowadays I am ready to confront more easily. Furthermore, I try to modify the control mechanism of negative automatic thoughts, and so I want to strengthen the flow experience.